$136 Billion Recession Proof Industry




Developing Alternative Working Capital solutions is quickly becoming the fastest growing area in the financial services industry.

The credit catastrophe and economic meltdown has created an unprecedented opportunity for working business professionals, business minded entrepreneurs, real estate and financial professional, corporate expatriates and job seekers to generate a substantial Home – Based Residual Income. Without any prior knowledge, experience or formal education in finance you can quickly Learn to Profit in this $136 Billion Dollar Recession Proof Industry!

Did you know Lending Institutions are making it nearly impossible for small to medium sized companies across North America to receive operating lines of credit, short term loans – cash!

A Recent Study!




Nearly 80% of North American companies report that the economy has had a direct negative effect on their business with a majority citing tightening cash flow and a slowdown in customer payments. A recent study by the Credit Research Foundation of U.S. and North American businesses clearly demonstrates the strain they are under. The Study Findings are as follows;

  • 77% report that the economy has had a direct negative effect on business.
  • 33% say the financial crisis is straining the availability of working capital.
  • 67% report that they are experiencing a general slowdown in customer payment.
  • 68% say their customers are experiencing tightening of bank financing.
  • 67% report that they have tightened collections of accounts receivable!!

The Issue – Is there a Need?




As the economic crisis continues to worsen, companies can expect this trend of restricted cash flow to continue. The financial meltdown has spread into nearly every sector of the economy and is creating an unprecedented era of distrust and vulnerability for the world’s financial organizations. As financial institutions become more strained and liquidity is further constricted, it has become near to impossible for most businesses to secure credit or working capital.

Undoubtedly, the companies that have suffered the worst in this economic storm have been North America’s millions of small and mid-sized businesses. Companies that were thriving just months ago are fighting for their life today. Their biggest challenge is sourcing capital to fund daily operations. Even those companies that are doing well find themselves out of luck when it comes to finding the necessary capital to meet demand, much less to take advantage of growth opportunities.

It is no surprise that, regardless of business size or industry, cash flow management is repeatedly cited as the key constrictor to surviving the credit crisis. Perhaps what is most concerning about this crisis is that the long-term ramifications are still unknown. Businesses are watching their banks cut lines of credit while their customers are simultaneously slowing down payments because of their own financial difficulty.

What is the Solution? – Fulfilling the Need!




What most business owners don’t know is that there are a number of alternative working capital solutions and nationwide funding sources willing to try to assist them overcome the day to day challenges of operating their business. Did you know that a nationwide of funding sources will pay transaction fees for simply finding fundable deals? This is where “YOU” and “TFI” come in! By learning to find these companies through a simple, replicable, turnkey system “TFI” and our group of practicing Industry experts will not only help you place your deal but, support and mentor you along the way.

A True Partnership!




What separates the Finance Institute from other training and seminar companies? Unlike most training and seminar companies we do not rely on the sale of our training programs as our source of revenue. We are contracted and compensated by funding sources to source deal flow. You become a valuable member in a “True Partnership” working together in Capitalizing on Your Potential!