Dear Mike and Tim

“I completed the program a few weeks ago, you guys were great. The mentoring session and the information was absolutely amazing, you make it so simple to understand. In this “dog eat dog” world we live in, it is fantastic to meet genuine and caring individuals like the two of you. I just participated in the monthly strategy conference call it is just what I need to keep focus and on track. One of the biggest de-motivators in starting a new business opportunity is the isolation most people feel. Your hands on approach and continued support makes me feel that you really are building a team. You guys are great!”


Marion Henry, Florida

Dear Mike and Tim

“I couldn’t have been more satisfied with information and the hands on approach you both provided. This is the first time I have received something I can actually use to generate revenue. Your support staff has gone out of its way to help me with questions and direction which is inspiring. So thanks again, this was the best decision I have made in a long time.”


Dick Antus, Texas

“I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to speak with you. I just completed your training system. Everything that is I need is right there – I am especially grateful for your availability, the support from your staff and commitment to assist me in any way in order to close deals. Your integrity speaks loud and clear! Finally, a real business, a real industry that helps people and small businesses.

What a wonderful feeling to come home and know, that I am involved in a business that can work!”


Tina Moestra, Washington

Dear TFI

“I just completed the Alternative Finance Specialist training system and I must say that this program includes not just practical training and the highest quality personal coaching from people who have succeeded and work this business everyday but, also proven marketing strategies (social media, presentations, scripts) that anyone can use. This system provides even part-timers who have full-time day jobs a practical way to supplement their income or build a strong residual income. I know I sound like a commercial but, I was truly amazed on how much information and support I received for such an inexpensive investment.”

Thank You

Marilyn Roy, Ontario

“Thank you so much for bringing BAP to Dallas! I benefited tremendously from the hands-on training, the role-playing, the industry insights you both shared with us, and the opportunity to fill in a few significant gaps in my knowledge—particularly in the area of Internet technology. And I’m convinced there are no better coaches and trainers anywhere!

In my opinion, the program truly is the most valuable “next step” any graduate working in business finance can take. You’ve included everything—not only top-notch industry and sales training, but proven marketing materials and all of the business tools that new consultants spend months or even years (and considerable financial resources) developing for themselves. The role-playing exercises using scripts that actually work in the real world are exceptional confidence-builders. The program addresses every aspect of our business, from marketing materials to prospect lists, from confidence to technology to organizational and communication issues.

One of the biggest de-motivators in business is the isolation that most of people in a new business. You’ve taken a huge step forward toward ending that isolation, and have truly made us feel that there is team-building going on.

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend plus! You guys are the best!”

Linda Montgomery

“I cannot say enough about you guys! I have just completed the Business Accelerator Program training in Seattle, and for me, it was truly a life altering intense 3 day weekend. BAP has provided me with training, knowledge, experience, confidence, and attitude to go out there and market the business right. I now know what and more importantly “how” to market my business. The BAP students are not only the recipients of hands on continuing coaching and mentoring, but these outstanding professionals have shared their own time proven innovative “secrets” for success in this business. They truly have developed the cutting edge marketing and technical strategies to succeed in factoring and related cash flows.

In this “dog eat dog” world we live in, it is a rare pleasure to meet genuine caring individuals like these three, who really reach out to those of us like myself. The training they are providing is exactly what I needed to accelerate into overdrive at this business, and I am ecstatic to partner with the whole BAP Team.

…. This is truly a Win-Win scenario. You guys are just awesome, and I feel that fate has dealt me a great hand in gaining their acquaintance and friendship.

Thanks again so much for your support. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”



“I am so incredibly thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the Business Accelerator Program training conference this past weekend. I can’t imagine what I would have missed had I not attended. I would have continued trying different things on my own… without success. You have now given me all the tools I need to know exactly what I need to do on a daily basis to make my business succeed!

The “portal” that you have created for us to use is incredible! It is so user friendly and the information that we need is all right there! Every document and script that I need in any given situation is there, as well as marketing tools and organizational helps. The role-playing that we did in class prepared me and gave me the confidence I needed to begin networking and getting referrals. I am especially grateful for your availability, support, and commitment to assist me in any way in order to close those deals. Your honor and integrity speaks loud and clear! It really is a partnership, and I am so honored to be working with the best!

What a wonderful feeling to come home and know, without a doubt, that I can now make this business work!!”


Jane Schultz