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    Why The Finance InstituteTM?

    The core mission of The Finance Institute™ is lead generation to the Alternative Business Finance and Private Lender industry. We continue to deliver on this mission by quickly training, guiding and supporting an elite referral source and consultant network to uncover opportunities in this vast industry.

    Whether you are a working business professional searching for a service than can compliment what you’re already doing, a business minded entrepreneur seeking new opportunities looking to create a long term passive income stream this industry is for you because The Finance Institute™ is for Non-Financial people.

    Providing Alternative Working Capital solutions to small and midsize businesses is quickly becoming the “hottest” referral/consulting business of this decade and just recently Yahoo Hot Jobs voted Factoring among their top hottest professions.

    Did you know the recent credit crisis and the economic meltdown have made it virtually impossible for small to mid sized businesses to obtain traditional forms of bank financing?

    Did you know that business bank loan application decline rates are reaching epidemic proportions and this trend is poised to continue for the unforeseen future?

    Small to mid sized businesses that need the money to thrive are turning to our group of North American wide Factoring companies to sell some or all of their accounts receivable and get the working capital they need fast. That’s where you come in….

    What would it feel like to finally find a career that you can start part time without sacrificing the security of your present job with no more than the internet, your telephone and the determination to follow a few simple instructions.  A career where you can work once and get paid over and over again for up to 18 months, 36 months, 5 years and even longer. Well now you can!

    With over 100 years of combined industry experience we bring with us some of the leading practicing industry professionals to harness their knowledge and experience to transform your actions into success. Just recently The Finance Institute™ was recognized by exeeding the benmarks in our industry, support to our elite consultant network and outstanding contribution to small business when we received the “Award of Excellence in Commerce” by the USIEC. Bottom line, The Finance Institute™ offers simply the best virtual training and support system in the world.


    Credit Research Foundation Facts!

    * 82% of Businesses Report Poor Cash Flow!

    * 92% of New Businesses fail in their first year due to Poor Cash Flow!

    * 100% of All Businesses will struggle from “No” or “Slow” Cash Flow!


    These companies site the “Lack of Available Working Capital, Tightening of Cash Flow and the Slow Down in Customer Payments” as the three major issues that are having disastrous affects on the viability of their business.


    These and other factors have created the perfect storm in the lucrative Factoring industry and today is the single best time in the history to be taking part!

    Please feel free to click around our website and get to know The Finance Institute™

    We are standing by to help you Capitalize on Your Potential!

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