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  • Break into this $155 Billion Dollar Recession Proof Industry Today!

    Why The Finance InstituteTM?

    Whether you are a business professional, corporate expatriate seeking a career change or a stay at home parent looking to supplement your income this opportunity is for you!

    Brokering Alternative Finance solutions to small and mid-sized businesses has quickly become the “hottest” home-based residual income opportunity of this decade and this trend is poised to continue.

    Small to mid size businesses that need the cash to thrive are turning to our group of nationwide Factoring companies to sell their accounts receivable to get the money they need fast.

    Imagine what it would feel like to work once and get paid for 18 month, 36 months, 5 years and even longer. Well now you can…without any prior knowledge, formal education or experience you can quickly learn to generate a substantial residual income by simply finding businesses that are in need of cash flow to help them grow or in some cases survive!

    The recent credit crisis and the economic meltdown have made it virtually impossible for small to mid sized businesses to access traditional forms of financing. When the Bank says “No”, we typically say “Yes” and businesses across North America are seeking our resources.

    Did you know?

    * 82% of Businesses Report Poor Cash Flow!

    * 92% of New Businesses fail in their first year due to Poor Cash Flow!

    * 100% of All Businesses will struggle from “No” or “Slow” Cash Flow!

    If you have you been seeking a real business, promoting a real service to a real industry this opportunity is for you!

    Our world class top rated virtual on-line industry training and support system can “Teach, Guide and Support” you in quickly finding, exposing, and educating businesses that money to thrive about the concept of “Factoring” and other alternative financing solutions.

    The “TFI”  turn-key business model is the very first low cost virtual training and support system of it’s kind on the planet and just recently The Finance Institute™ was recognized by exeeding the benmarks in our industry, support to our elite consultant network and outstanding contribution to small business when we received the “Award of Excellence in Commerce” by the USIEC.

    Click around our website and get to know The Finance Institute™ We are standing by to help you Capitalize on Your Potential!

    “News Flash” BLOG

    • Frequently Asked Questions - Cash Flow Consultants Needed If you are truly looking for something more, something bigger, something better learning to broker Factoring relationships could change your financial future. Whether you are a business professional or an entrepreneur looking to supplement your income we offer the most information packed virtual on-line training and support system on the factoring planet. Don't worry you won't be risking one red cent of your own money. Here are the top 5 questions that we have received so far.... 1. Do I need a license to broker Factoring relationships? Answer: No, the Factoring industry is a non-regulated industry because we are not lending money like a...